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Sunday, August 09, 2009

The New Project

Just a miniature update, to remind myself how to do this blogging thing.
Work's going well on the new project - bit of a departure for me to be writing something that doesn't involve anything vaguely paranormal or horrific. It's a historical novel inspired by the life of my maternal grandmother during her time in service, but the main character is completely fictional.
It's interesting to be able to put Grandma in as a secondary character though, gives me a lot of freedom to mess with the plot while still able to pay tribute to a rather extraordinary life.

I still don't have a title for this piece, but the working title is "Just Lizzy." It's set (the beginning) in 1912 and I aim to have it in two distinct and separate parts before and after the first world war. Don't want to give too much away (because, of course, you're going to buy the book when I get my huge publishing deal! *HAH*) but I intend to skip the actual war years - or gloss over them - and have Lizzy coping with a very different world when she rejoins it in 1920.

Thing I'm not sure about though, is whether or not to keep the whole book in first person; toying with the idea of maybe having part 2 in third, but not sure how that would sit with a reader.

Anyway, I'm up around 15,000 words (ish) and really enjoying writing it. Dom is going to be away next week so I'll have a really good push and maybe get the first part finished.
Which means staying away from Twitter. Yeah, like that's going to happen. Still, I'll try and moderate my addiction to that and to the new iPod apps I've been pointed at.

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