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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Brief Is The Word

... It's been several days and I still have only one thing to say:


Very well, as you were ...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Clearing the blockages ...

... and no, there's nothing biological about this very short post.
But a couple of clearances have occurred today; firstly an irritating block in the narrative of the book (see the post about characters having a life of their own) and then the sink. God alone knows what's down there in those pipes; I dread to think. But I had a session with the plunger this afternoon ( nothing like Sue White's session with the turkey baster I can assure you ...) and now the water gurgles away happily, so I'm happy too.
I really doesn't take much.

Huge, monstrous thunderstorms last night and this morning. My boys were out camping with their dad and I spent a tense few hours trying not to picture what might be happening out there. But it turns out they only heard the odd rumble. It was smack bang over my house though, and the forked lightning out over the moors was horrific to watch - but I couldn't stop watching it nevertheless. I think we're due for more of the same tonight.

Other than that this weekend has been very, very dull in a perfectly wonderful way. Lots of coffee, lots of toast, lots of writing - today, at least. And I'm on leave next week. Hoorah and huzzah, and other assorted whoops of delight.

And congrats to me: this template does not have a links section so I had to do the farting about with html thing - which I don't do - and have managed to put a list of links in. Marvellous, now I'm tempted to play with it a bit more but will probably lose everything if I do, so maybe not, on second thoughts ...