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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Downton Vs Oaklands part 2

Okay, so on Sunday night Lady Sybil, the politically aware and somewhat rebellious daughter of the house, came out with a few lines that were so close to a scene I wrote myself, I sat bolt upright and started mouthing at the TV like a goldfish!

Lady Sybil was talking to one of the housemaids and saying that everything was changing. The housemaid asked if she was talking about the vote, and Sybil said yes, but it wasn't just that, it was everything else too.

Now, here's an excerpt from the scene I wrote last summer - Evie is the the politically aware and somewhat rebellious (!) daughter of Oaklands, and she's talking to her lady's maid:

“Stop repeating what I say, and think about it!” Evie urged. “Don’t you feel a sense of … change? People, women, are thinking less about how many buttons they should wear on their coats, and more about the world and everything in it.”

“I don’t go out in company enough to notice,” I reminded her. “But I’ve heard them in the kitchen talking. Votes and suchlike?”

“Yes, votes. But I’m not just talking about the suffrage movement, Lizzy, I’m talking about all of it; society, the way we live … it’s so foolish the way we carry on, and I can feel, underneath it all, the way we’re clinging on to a way of life that is finally dying.”

Every week I watch this programme wondering if the wonderful Fellowes was hiding under my sofa and peeking every time I went to make coffee!