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Monday, February 16, 2009

Exciting News!

Well well! Here I am after a very long absence - yet again! Been writing a lot, won a couple of minor comps and suchlike, still waiting to hear back from Mic Cheetham agency regarding Dust Of Ancients. I sent it off last October so it's been quite a long time, just starting to wonder if that's a good or bad sign, and if it's poor etiquette to now enquire as to whether it ever arrived ... hmm.

Anyway, good news is that Bound For Evil has been picked up and recommended by The Washington Post! Hooray! Here's the blog entry from Dead Letter Press, which will lead, in turn, to the article.


Anyhow, back to writing ...


Maya Panika said...

Did you ever hear back from Mic Cheeetham?

I've been waiting over 4 months for a response from them too, and likewise, thinking of emailing a gently worded query.

Terri Nixon said...

Hi, I eventually heard back, yes. It was a thanks but no thanks, obviously! Good luck with your query; I'd certainly drop a line if you're getting concerned.


Maya Panika said...

Ah, sorry. They're my #1 agency but don't seem to take many clients on, I'm expecting a rejection any day.

I always worry about emailing slow agents, on the few occassions I have (even 6 months after a full-ms request) they always seem so irritated. :o) I'll leave it a little longer, if it gets to 5 months, I think a gentle prod is justifiable.