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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Paperback #4!

My copy of La Fenetre (Summer Magic) arrived today, I am so chuffed
I have another story appearing in the next La Fenetre edition too, again it's an old one (This Trolley, My Life) but it's nice to see all this stuff finally seeing the light of day after languishing (for the most part) in folders on my PC.

After some lovely comments on Sky-Tribe about some more older work, and a good writing day yesterday - now this little boost today - I'm feeling more 'up' about the whole thing.

I'd been having second/third/millionth thoughts about whether or not I can really do this writing thing after all, but all I have to do is look at the note from Dean Koontz, handwritten to me at the end of a standard reply, and now pinned to my corkboard:

"Good luck with your own writing. Do it always for the love of doing it, and in my experience the sucess will follow ... Though also in my experience, perhaps slowly!"

Bless you, Dean, you will never know how much difference that has made!

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Aufbau Ost said...

Congrats on the publication, this should give a boost to your writing.
I think I know how you feel. I sometimes feel like I know nothing about photography and can take a decent picture when others seem to take them so effortlessly. Still, the next day I pick up my camera again - it's an addiction. An addiction that has produced over 9000 pictures since last November. (Of course, very few worth showing to the world.)